The not-so perfect princess and the dreaded pony

Not, in fact the start of some alt-Disney story that you may be panicking your daughter/niece/annoying children belonging to your friends/annoying mums at work/ annoying blogger talking cack etc are all about to start driving you mad with every finite detail about but in fact just today’s Charity shop loot.

I really should make a page listing with pics all the cool stuff i’ve managed to get either in charity shops, off Ebay, at some slightly manky vintage stall etc. Over the past 20 years or so i’ve picked up some great items including: 3 Tretchikoff Chinese girl pictures (Ebay but went to collect as the seller lived in Chiswick and used to have a shop in Portobello Road – i nearly died in his house – SOO much fabulous stuff); a JH Lynch Tina picture (charity shop), i did have some big-eyed kids but they creeped me out a bit so i sold them; some Troika pottery for my mum (off Ebay a few years ago – i now wouldn’t be able to afford them); a (genuine!) Louis Vuitton speedy bag (charity shop) and matching large purse in another charity shop at the opposite end of the country; a host of 1950s clocks, numerous items of clothing and handbags and recently a cracking crochet granny blanket (charity shop) and was given a wonderful 1950s knitting bag and 80s deco book for Mothers Day and my mum picked me a vintage 1940s/50s crochet hook set from an Antiques fair in Birmingham last week. In addition to the choice pieces, i also have picked up ugly clothes that don’t fit, books i’ve never read and more recently all manner of kids toys and books for TheYoungLady so its not all cool vintage stuff but i still love a rummage and once i’ve moved house (being in this process has curtailed my natural hoarding a bit!) i’ll be ramping it up again with a focus on homewares.

However, in the meantime, i’m going to start noting here what i pick up. Today i was with TheYoungLady and whilst the films of Bambi and Beauty and The Beast would’ve been the real coups of the day they were sadly on VHS not DVD. So we got a book about The Not-So Perfect Princess (who thinks dresses are rubbish for jumping in puddles or climbing trees in – right on!) and a faux My Little Pony with some serious purple dreads.