Bill Murray Colouring Book

I’ve written before about how much i love Bill Murray so i have my friend Heidi (check her very cool blog here) to thank for alerting me to this. Its a Bill Murray Colouring Book. Heidi’s came in the post yesterday – i want one. You can order yours from Belly Kids where they also have some great posters and tshirts and stuff. and you can read about the Bill Murray exhibition they are having in London tonight (11 August).



Get you some Banksy

Oooh – in my email inbox this morning , some Banksy on canvas at for £100 and under you have three days…



Takkoda – refreshingly un-cutesey animals

I don’t really do cutesey but i do love animals. Thankfully Takkoda‘s gifts, homewares and cards just add to the animals personalities. A lot of fun (and no glitter or bunnies in sight…)

If i had a spare £500…

i might buy one of these Isobel Osborne paintings (yes, they’re on ….i can’t help it if i like what they email me about!)

Kitty Finegan at Gloss Gallery, Exeter on

Gorgeous modern art available on (and no – i don’t work for them by the way!) from the Gloss Gallery, Exeter. I really like Kitty Finegan’s fun pop-arty prints of fabulous women, some with a 50’s bathing suit twist:

Polish Folk Paper Cut Art (Wycinanki)

Whilst on a recent trip home to see the folks, we popped in, as always to Wolverhampton Art Gallery which had some really interesting craft displays on (and still on till 14 April) with the exhibition The Joy of Making. The Polish folk paper cut designs (known as Wycinanki) were particularly stunning. You can read more here and i took a (poor) picture below.

i also did some googling and there are some stunning examples at the links below. Some of it is quite naive in style but i like it.



My Header picture

I love this painting. Its called Griffiths Drive by David Rayson who came from Wolverhampton (as do i originally) and his paintings convey ‘suburban claustrophobia’. It was recently hung as past of a collection of images of suburbia at Wolverhampton Art Gallery which is well worth a look if you’re in town.