So 2013, whattchya got?

So it’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow is a new day of a new year. I tend to get a bit maudlin on Hogmanay and don’t really make resolutions.
I was expecting to turn 40 next year but a friend (clearly better at maths than me – also, bloody Facebook birthdays adding a year onto my age!!…) Told me I was talking rubbish and of course wouldn’t be 40 until December 2014. This, aside from making me feel slightly ridiculous, also made me a feel like I’ve gained an extra year so I’m going to aim to commit to a few things I’ve been skirting round the edges of:

– Attend 3 classes a week at my local Ashtanga yoga centre
– Walk more, drink more water and (bit) less wine
– Get stuck in and complete the Philosophy course I signed up to on CourseraCoursera online education (more on this in January!)
– Be more positive (as I can be a miserable bint sometimes) and less insular
– Blog more regularly…

Happy New 2013 to you!