Ikea – i’m hopeless

There used to be a character in the BBC comedy sketch show “The Fast Show” played by Mark Williams who always made me laugh for probably the wrong reasons. The character’s wife would send him to the shops for milk, bread etc and he would invariably return with completely random items like a bag of coal, a sledgehammer, a birdcage etc – you get the idea. This character made me laugh because i often feel like that’s me when i come back from Ikea (not exclusively but Ikea is the easiest shop i think for this to happen in) – ie: i go for something specific and come back with a bag of random things and more often than not, not including the thing i went out for.

Today i took TheYoungLady to Ikea to pick curtains for her new bedroom (for the impending move). We didn’t find anything suitable but did return with a doormat, a toy mouse and a pair of curtains (ok – they were at least curtains) which will be too long and too thin for our new windows but they were half price and i’m a sucker for a vaguely-1970s vintage-like print. You see? Hopeless….

(ps – no pic of the mouse as we couldn’t find it from about an hour after we got home until just before TYL’s bedtime – its now in bed with her and her Ikea toy rat).