One person’s trash is another persons treasure

I have mentioned elsewhere on here that i want to keep track of some of the more interesting vintage (old, smelly, whatever…) things i’ve picked up in charity shops, markets, car boots, on Ebay etc.

I started trawling round charity shops when i was a teenager and remember picking up some great pieces including an original adidas sports bag, an American Airlines flight bag, numerous glittery, dainty 1950s evening bags (which i went on to sell on Ebay for a princely sum) and numerous dodgy-looking 70s pairs of jeans. One particularly abundant jumble sale had me walking away with some choice vinyl 12inches and albums of the likes of The Sugar Hill Gang, Donna Summer and Chic.

At university, my vintage items were mostly clothing and bags. I had a particular fondness for leopard print fake fur coats and the brown fake fur coat i got from the Barrowlands i wore to death (before it had to be put down/i was banned from wearing it any more…). The world of work still had me browsing for clothes and one of my first jobs in London was on the Holloway Road – home to a good selection of charity/vintage shops. I remember having a phase of wanting a grey duffle coat (??i dunno…) and i found it in a shop on the Holloway Road. Moving into my first bought flat with the OH also saw a bit more browsing for homewares. So, it was around this time i got 3 Tretchikoff Chinese girl paintings and my mum bought me a reproduction of a Tamara de Lempika painting (i think Madonna or Jack Nicholson have the original). I also had a thing for clocks and still have a few 50s style timepieces and the 3 1920s/30s Vogue cover prints from a charity shop i still have on my wall i absolutely love. I also purchased my first designer handbag around this time: a Louis Vuitton Speedy. I distinctly remember fondling it for about an hour checking all the rivets and had to ask the woman to put it aside for me as i had to run to a cash machine to get a tenner for it.

The last few years (particularly since the arrival of The Young Lady) have curtailed my physical browsing somewhat so it’s mostly been buying all kinds of tat off Ebay. Everything from work clothes to Marc Jacobs handbags. I have started to get back into trawling the charity shops though, and luckily TYL also quite enjoys it (though any kind of Antiques shop with breakables is still a no-no!). I quite often get mugged for books and brightly coloured toys.

So, a collection below of some of my recent acquisitions and i’ll get round to photographing some of my pictures, as they are fabulous:

Updated 06/05/2012:

I did say i’d try and take some more pictures of my erm, pictures. These are currently all in my boudoir:

Original 1974 Biba poster bought for £25 Wolverhampton Market and framed (for much more) by Southside Gallery, Langside Glasgow:


Vintage LaRoche Mirror (middle) i found in a Kingston charity shop and the other two mirrors are my mum’s from the 70s. Below are some Vintage 1920s Vogue covers i found in a charity shop in Kingston (Kingston Upon Thames is great for charity shops btw…):

A JH Lynch classic (one of my first charity shop find – bought for next to nothing in the charity shop opposite the Red House in Wolverhampton – can’t remember its name – its still there but the charity has changed names). The buxom lady at the bottom i don’t know an awful lot about…



Thoughts, musings, ruminations?

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