Mike D (Beastie Boys) Brooklyn Toile Wallpaper

Oh yes, thats Mike D of the Beastie Boys. Designing awesome Brooklyn-inspired Wallpaper:

“Designed by Mike D & Revolver NY

Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys decided he wanted a Brooklyn inspired toile wallpaper that would line the walls of his Brooklyn brownstone. The vision was to pay tribute to all things Brooklyn in a way that would appear to be a traditional French Country Toile, but when you step to it the pattern reveals elements and vignettes that make up the truth about Brooklyn. Mike approached Vincent J. Ficarra and Adela Qersaqi of Revolver New York to help execute his vision artistically and Flavor Paper to produce the design as wallpaper. Due to the level of detail and shading in Vincent’s design we decided to produce the Brooklyn Toile as a digital print, but stay tuned as it may be revised into a hand screened print soon!

Brooklyn Toile captures many angles of life in the King’s borough from Coney Island to Hasidic Jews to Notorious B.I.G., the design covers many of the aspects of daily life dealing with subways and pigeons in a poetic way. Go on and get some!!!”

See it here: http://www.flavorpaper.com/wallpaper/detail_in_cat/55/152/Brooklyn-Toile

(ps: thanks to my OH for showing me this – WANT IT!)

Marks & Spencers Retro shopping bag

Whilst in Marks’ today I was at the checkout (purchasing cake for daughter to take to nursery for her birthday, cards, wrapping paper and some Sweet Chilli Noodles for my lunch…) And COULD NOT resist this St Michael (M&S’s old home brand name) Retro shopping bag.
Definitely worth the 75p I paid! Love it (and yes, did make me think Mnnn – haven’t eaten a fig roll for years….)

M&S Retro Shopping bag - fabulous!

M&S Retro Shopping bag – fabulous!

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Gorgeous vintage city ads at Fab UK

These are just ridiculously gorgeous city advert prints at Fab UK resulting from a collaboration between New York gallery Americanflat and Nashville-based Anderson Design Group, “this selection of digitally-produced vintage-style prints showcases the attractions of various world cities in a stylised, advertisement aesthetic”. Too right – add a touch of Mad Men glamour to your walls…

Vintage City Ads at Fab Uk

Scandi-style for your living room

If you’ve been glued to BBC4 on a Saturday night for several weeks at a time or your Sky+ box is near capacity with the likes of The Killing, Borgen and Sebastien Bergman, then its likely that you’re not just a fan of the twisty plots, well-rounded characters and strong (but crazy) women but you probably also wish that you could live in a house like Martin’s (The Bridge).

I’m a big fan of all things Scandinavian and yes, like most of us love a trip round Ikea but in Grazia magazine this week, there was a great article with plent of useful links on how to get some Scandi-Cool (their byline) and an interview with Danish ceramics designer Tine Freiesleben from Copenhagen (complete with pictures of her chic home with lots of white, wood, rugs and bits of vintage design). I’m just going to list some of the websites here but i particularly liked some of the wallpapers and soft furnishings at 95percentshop.co.uk including these:

Also check out:

Conran Shop: conranshop.co.uk if you have a few thousand for an Arne Jacobsen
Eva Solo: evasolo.com for gorgeous kitchen accessories
Ferm Living: ferm-living.com for gorgeous kids stuff and soft furnishings (like the cushion above)
Gubi: gubi.dk for ridiculously cool design (lighting and seating particularly)
Manostiles: manostiles.com for a gorgeous blog and great storage ideas
Normann Copenhagen: normann-copenhagen.com for stunning lighting, kitchen accessories and furniture
Skandium: skandium.com for more beautiful furniture, lighting and textiles
Strikaholic: strikaholic.dk for gorgeous knitted textiles, bedlinen, blankets and cushions

*yes, i know i’ve used the descriptor ‘gorgeous’ a lot above, but they are – other than scouring a thesaurus for alternatives, i might as well just tell you that they are…

Ikea – i’m hopeless

There used to be a character in the BBC comedy sketch show “The Fast Show” played by Mark Williams who always made me laugh for probably the wrong reasons. The character’s wife would send him to the shops for milk, bread etc and he would invariably return with completely random items like a bag of coal, a sledgehammer, a birdcage etc – you get the idea. This character made me laugh because i often feel like that’s me when i come back from Ikea (not exclusively but Ikea is the easiest shop i think for this to happen in) – ie: i go for something specific and come back with a bag of random things and more often than not, not including the thing i went out for.

Today i took TheYoungLady to Ikea to pick curtains for her new bedroom (for the impending move). We didn’t find anything suitable but did return with a doormat, a toy mouse and a pair of curtains (ok – they were at least curtains) which will be too long and too thin for our new windows but they were half price and i’m a sucker for a vaguely-1970s vintage-like print. You see? Hopeless….

(ps – no pic of the mouse as we couldn’t find it from about an hour after we got home until just before TYL’s bedtime – its now in bed with her and her Ikea toy rat).

Vintage 1930s and 40s British Seaside and railway travel posters

As all the legal shenanigans involved with selling/buying a house are done and dusted and we are actually moving house in a couple of weeks (eek!) i’ve allowed myself to start thinking about how i want to decorate the new house and reignite my passion for collecting tat (sorry, Vintage). I’ve also started browsing Homes and Interiors magazines – aka Middle Aged Porn – though this was not my fault! Actually the fault of my jobshare colleague who is currently having an extension built onto her kitchen after some months of trying to get the architect and builders to drop their quote by about a third, who this week gave me a ton of Homes mags she’s been ripping random pages out of.

I’ve written before about how much i love a good magazine and Homes and Antiques has managed to turn itself around in recent months (years?) from being quite a fusty and dare-i-say elitist Antiques magazine to embracing Vintage and Collectables and is really now a great read for anyone interested in such things with great listings of Retro/Vintage/Collectable Fairs (though not nearly enough in Scotland!) and some really interesting articles on the history of various aspects of antiques/vintage stuff. This month’s (July 2012) edition covers Vintage travel guides, the Newlyn School of paintings, lots of seaside-inspried home decor and 4 free Vintage British Seaside postcards which are just gorgeous. It also has a ridiculously covetable pink Pashley bicycle on the front cover. I love these bikes.

I’ve always loved this style of poster from 1930s and 40s and have a couple in my home – a huge one of St Ives, Cornwall and one of Ben Lomond, Scotland. A quick web/ebay search brings up a variety of these posters but www.travelpostersonline.com has the most comprehensive collection covering England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and also includes vintage travel posters from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland and Switzerland. The site also collates those posters and designs from this genre’s pre-eminent artists Paul Henry and Norman Wilkinson (whose style i particularly like).

Get you some Banksy

Oooh – in my email inbox this morning , some Banksy on canvas at achica.com for £100 and under http://www.achica.com/Productlist.aspx?promotionuid=9cdad5a5-489a-4538-8bd1-b37ab5bc4245 you have three days…



Classic Dutch bikes by Hollander – want it!

I don’t currently have a bike but i would just love one of these classic Dutch bikes by Hollander, normally available for over £500  but currently available for £199 on Made.com. I think i would go classic black rather than girly pink though. There is a chaps one too but not quite sure why its a tenner cheaper?

I love the simplicity of these bikes – no complicated gears (i never understood them…) or flashy extras, just laid-back, cool, classic design and utterly stylish.

Radical political tea-towels… Inspiration whilst washing up.

I came across the Radical Tea Towel Company today – who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration whilst doing the washing up? Featuring concepts, designs and quotes including Free Scotland, Vegetarianism, Carbon Footprint, Che Guevara, Aung San Suu Kyi, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Thomas Paine, OCCUPY and Nelson Mandela in addition to encouraging messages of ‘Keep Left’  and all mostly under a tenner. I like these:




Academy collection photographs at Made.com

The Limited ‘Academy Collection’ is an exclusive selection of art collector Russell Blackmore’s favourite images of  stage, screen and ring icons. I don’t know who RB is but trust Made.com’s choice here as the photos are stunning. Currently £99 instead of couple of hundred and include such icons as Muhammed Ali, Audrey Hepburn, The Beatles, Steve McQueen and Daft Punk. My favourites are: