About Me

I am Lucy.

I am a Woman, Daughter, Sister, Significant Other and Mother (but this is no Mummy Blog – more like trying to keep alive my interests from pre-daughter!…) and am based in Glasgow, Scotland but am originally from the Midlands (England) and lived i London for a number of years. I work and i write and am interested in all kinds of things. I’d started this blog to try and write about different things that interest me but at the moment it’s the One New Recipe a Week which i think has most captured my imagination and which i’ll run with most. I may well post other things too but i’m relishing my new recipe challenge!

I love films and music. I also love charity shops and vintage stuff and in the last year have taught myself to bake (a bit) and so far have learnt to crochet (a bit) so my crafty endeavours will be noted here along with any interesting thrift i come across. I’m also really interested in whats happening in the world, the environment, art, culture and if that all sounds a bit high-brow, i also love my telly. There, i’ve said it.

I’d like to say i’m a runner but i’m not really. I’d like to say i was an accomplished Yogi too but lets just say i dabble in both and leave it at that.

I got a Kindle for Christmas which is currently full of Scandinavian crime novels, aswell as free classics which i may or may not get round to reading at some point.

You can follow me on Twitter where i may well be commenting on news and events of the day; shouting at trashy tv or showing you what crafty thing i’ve accomplished.

I also write on tv, fashion, health, beauty etc for the online magazine Miss Marples here: http://www.missmarples.co.uk/author/pfauthid/34/lucy-r.aspx (though haven’t for a while as i’m not sure what’s happening to it…).


10 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi – thank you! and yes, i did! very excited about that. I was looking for local classes – have seen a couple but think i may wait and see what classes run there. I think it’s meant to be opening in September

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