First Mysore Ashtanga class

Attended my first Mysore Ashtanga class today at my local yoga studio – Yogajo’s – 90 minutes of no teacher guidance (save for this Ashtanga Primary series poster by Michael Gannon which studio-owner Jo gave me and fellow Mysore newbie Mhairi to share).

I’ve practised yoga at home before without a dvd or book but maybe only for 30-40 minutes. 90 minutes was something of a revelation – to have the time – uninterrupted by child/hubby/pets/phone/doorbell etc was great and i was a full-on sweaty mess by the end of class. I don’t know all the postures yet and there are some i’m just too stiff at present to master but they’ll come in time i’m sure.



Have a New Year’s fitness/health/weight resolution?

If, like me, you’ve ever been a member of Weightwatchers/Slimming World/Jenny Craig/ANother of the million diet plans available, then it’s likely you are being email/facebook/twitter-spammed by them right now. Don;t give them your hard-earned cash but check out instead. It’s free, has more comprehensive exercise and food databases than Weightwatchers (in my opinion..) and links up to various exercise apps such as Bodymedia Fit, Endomondo Sports Tracker, FITBIT, Mio, Striiv and a ton of others plus there are apps for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry , Android and Windows Phone. My Other Half found this as he’s looking to get fitter and as it’s free i’m giving it a shot too. Can’t hurt, right?