Madonna at Murrayfield, Edinburgh 21/7/12

So yes, been busy with moving house and unpacking a ridiculous amount of boxes but we’re fully in now and love the house but more of that another time (i have to show you some of the excellent accessories i’ve bought:-). Last week, i won tickets to go and see Madonna at Murrayfield on her MDNA tour. I enter a ton of competitions, have my name on all sorts of lists but this was by far the best thing i’ve won for ages. I love Madonna and after a schoolfriend ballsing up arranging to go see her Blonde Ambition tour at Wembley, London many moons ago, i’ve never seen her live. I’d debating buying tickets for this tour but balked at the £100+ tickets so was very happy indeed to win these, and even better, G’s parents could babysit for the night – result!

Later last week, half my office ended up winning tickets too as it seems there were quite a few unsold tickets (and you could definately see this at the show) so much excitement (and not quite as much work getting done…) in my office last Thursday/Friday.

So G and I dropped off The Young Lady with the grandparents, bought our ready-mixed Gin&Tonics from Marks and Spencers and got the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh to have a few drinks before heading to Murrayfield. So we mooched down to the stadium for 7ish; i bought a tshirt (and was slightly gobsmacked at the guy next to me spending £400 on ‘one of everything’); we had a couple of beers and a burger, found our seats; had a listen to DJ Alesso (the support act); had a last loo break (the womens were even more disgusting than festival portaloos – yes, that bad) and bought another beer for the show.

The sound at Murrayfield stadium (it’s day job is a Rugby football stadium) was the worst i think i have ever experienced – i could barely hear anything other than bass of the new stuff though i guess it was lucky that for some reason the sound evened out for the classics. There’s been some controversy about the routine for Bang Bang where she brandishes a gun about (particularly with this concert – some pious newspaper articles asking ‘how dare she’ just a couple of days after the horrendous outdoor cinema shooting in the US, but seriously, it’s just theatre though in the daylight, was lost on me a bit (especially as i could barely hear too…). Highlights for me were Crazy for You, Express Yourself (and a very deliberate insertion of a bit of Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’), Vogue and Like A Prayer (see a video somebody too off Youtube here) – which got me all choked up and teary with the sound of 60,000 people singing every word. She closed with Celebration which was excellent too. Had i been able to hear the new stuff they may have been favourites too.

There were plenty of vocal complaints from folk leaving the stadium but they were wrong – Madonna was not shite but the sound most certainly was. I’d have been sorely disappointed if we’d spent £200+ on tickets for a concert i could only half-hear. However, SHE was amazing – don’t forget she’s 53 dancing seriously intricate choreography with dancers more than half her age and whilst some of the more recent material may not be so memorable, i’m so glad she hasn’t turned into a femal version of The Rolling Stones, just churning out the classics for cash, and she’s still creating new music. Many people i think were also complaining because this is what they were expecting (but as far as i’m concerned, they’re just stupid). Luckily the train home included a ton of people happy to have a good singalong (good fun until they ran out of Madonna songs and started on ‘Kumbaya’….)

I wish my camera phone was better but here are some pics i took.


Thoughts, musings, ruminations?

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