I can’t take credit for these home-made pizza’s

Not sure if i’ve mentioned here that i haven’t really baked much this year. I did quite a bit of baking last year, much of it with my 3 year old daughter. Messy yes, but she loves the mixing though rarely actually ate any of the cake. And of course, therein lies the problem of baking. Unless you have a large household or have folk coming round for tea every other night, then you will undoubtedly have to eat a reasonable amount of cake/tart/muffins/brownies etc which whilst the glutton in me thoroughly enjoyed but my waistline did not.

I digress – i have been re-inspired recently, largely by reading lovely food blog posts such as this to have a shot at making bread. I have only ever made one oven loaf before, which was similar to this one on the BBC Good Food mag website (minus the asparagus which i just didn’t have in). It tasted great and was amazingly easy and i’m not sure why i haven’t done it again. I think i’m going to attempt soda bread.

My Other Half has in recent years been getting into cooking too, specialising in home-made pizzas, Indian dhaals and curries, excellent veggie bakes and lasagnes and chutneys. He’s also the master of our bread-making machine which we go through phases of using. Having done a loaf at the weekend he decreed he was going to try to do more hand-made loaves. We have a large Magimix food processor (which i don’t use nearly enough) but which is great at making pastry and pizza dough.

OH’s home-made pizza’s are usually accompanied by wine and trashy weekend TV or a film. He made these last weekend (one with cheesy/olivey, the other nice and spicy with pepperdew peppers and chillies). They were fabulous.


3 thoughts on “I can’t take credit for these home-made pizza’s

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