i don’t have an iPhone and therefore don;t have instagram but have seen folks’ pics who’ve used it. Nothing lovelier than Polaroid’s. I saw one in a charity shop the other week for a fiver and nearly bought it but i know getting the right cartridges can be difficult. Gorgeous though.


Although we enjoy shouting at the TV as much as anyone when The Apprentice contestants make bumbling business decisions, we feel less qualified to pass judgement on Facebook’s recent acquisition of photo sharing app Instagram. The app allows iPhone users to apply retro and Polaroid  camera effects onto their digital phone photos, and share them with their friends. The Facebook deal has been witheringly referred to as ‘paying $1 billion for a set of photo filters’.

For us it’s just a reminder of how great real Polaroid photography is. For a distinctly smaller sum of money, Facebook could have picked up a secondhand SX-70 camera on eBay and stocked up on instant film from The Impossible Project.  $1 billion could buy you an awful lot of Polaroids.

The authentic analog snaps – with their unmistakable lo-fi, low-tech washed out colours and imperfect focus – are so much more…

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