Love Yoga/Hate Yoga

Which is of course a bit Yin/Yang isn’t it? I’ve done (I use Do – I find ‘practice’ a bit daft though do like Yogi Eoin Finn saying we should ‘play’ yoga) yoga on and off now for nearly 20 years.
Actually I can’t quite believe that I’ve just written 20 years but there you go. You’d think I’d be supreme-bendy-yoga-master by now but there have been significant gaps in my yoga practice (ok, yes I used ‘practice’) and one period of quite a few years where I did none at all.
I find I have times when I just enjoy the comfort of doing something that I know how to do. There inevitably comes a point though when I get frustrated with my limitations. Yes, its very un-yoga but my ego gets in the way and I’m annoyed at postures I can’t do (Crow and Wheel in particular. Am not so bothered about Headstand). I then think I should be doing something cardio-based instead (though I should point out my preferred yoga style is Vinyasa Flow which can build up a serious sweat!); then I stop doing yoga and try running for a bit then get frustrated that I’m rubbish at running and go back to yoga. I must have followed this pattern a few times now and this week came back to Yoga after getting fed up with being rubbish at running (again…).

My practice began with a routine torn out of 19 magazine (which I still have laminated!) and whilst I have quite a few books, I prefer to work out to DVDs. I go through phases of trying classes but am yet to find a teacher I truly enjoy.

My favourite yoga teachers on DVD include the wonder that is Rodney Yee’; surfer Power yoga dude Eoin Finn and whilst I find the new-agey lingo of Shiva Rea a bit much, she really kicks ass. I have DVDs of Claire Missingham and Seane Corn coming to me soon off Ebay and I need to find DVDs of Sara Ivanhoe and Baron Baptiste before the few routines I have of theirs (from now defunct Sky channel Body in Balance)on the Sky+ box disappear.

I love Yoga (again…)

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